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The plan below gives an indication of the location of the bollards to be installed in Lower Oddington.

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Consultation on the installation of bollards in Lower Oddington January 2023

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Lower Oddington Residents Parking Survey April 2021

A submission from Oddington Parish Council to Cotswold District Council.


Oddington Parish Council and a group of local residents have carried out a survey of residents parking in Lower Oddington.

A map and spread sheet showing detailed findings will be submitted to CDC Planning for their consideration. In summary:

  • There are 42 properties (39 dwellings and 3 annexes) in the area surveyed (from Church Place to Sawpit Lane).
  • Of these 18 are occupied permanently and 24 let. The majority of the properties which are let are holiday cottages and we have therefore had to make assumptions about the number of people staying in them and the number of cars involved. We have based these assumptions on local knowledge and the size of the property.
  • 20 of the properties have no off street parking.
  • We estimate that when all the rental properties are let there could be up to 68 cars in the area meaning up to 38 vehicles need to be parked on the road. No allowance has been made for visitors’ cars.
  • There is approximately 160ms of available street parking in the area surveyed (excluding those areas where there are white advisory lines and entrances to properties). We have assumed and average parallel car parking spaces to be 6m long.
  • 38 vehicles would require 228ms of parking space meaning there is a shortfall of some 68ms equivalent to 11 cars.

In the Transport statement the applicant concludes that 6 parking spaces to the provided by the Fox is adequate for 80 covers (rising to 170 on Sunday lunches) plus a net increase of 4 guest bedrooms (ie 7 in total) and goes on to state there is ‘plenty of road parking’. There is no estimate of the number of cars likely to be generated by the business but it seems safe to assume that there could be at least an additional 50 vehicles in the village on a busy day.  The Parish Council survey demonstrates that there is already a shortfall in street parking spaces and we reiterate our request that the application should be required to provide a substantial area of car parking as part of the development.


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Many thanks to those who attended the informal consultation meeting on 5 October 2019. Residents raised a number of issues including:

  • The need to reduce speed on the A436.

  • Possible ways to address concerns about speeding and parking in the village such as:

  • 20 mph speed limit through village

  • Speed Watch sessions

  • Cutting back overgrown foliage to improve visibility

  • Weight and width restrictions, double yellow lines and a one way system.

  • The maintenance of local footpaths.

These all fall within the remit of Gloucestershire County Council so the Parish Council will be talking to GCC Cllr Moor about how best to move these forward.


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Parking in Lower Oddington

Parking in Lower Oddington. Currnet status: White 'advisory' have been painted and the Council is montitoring their impact.

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Housing Needs Survey. Current status. Complete.

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